Why choose a Wedding Celebrant?
A wedding celebrant has been trained to create and deliver, in close consultation with you, a unique and personal ceremony.
Many couples are looking for a ceremony that reflects their own individuality. They want a ceremony that tells the story of who they are as a couple, one that is meaningful and poignant. A ceremony that will combine their beliefs and traditions is often requested. If this sounds like what you’re looking for, a celebrant like myself could be a good choice.

How is a wedding Celebrant different from a Humanist?
Humanists do not believe in any god or in the supernatural. A humanist ceremony is designed for those who share the same philosophical belief system as humanists. A wedding celebrant will offer the couple the choice to include spiritual or religious readings, poetry and/or music if desired.

Are you a legal wedding solemniser?
At present, as the law stands I can only perform non-legal wedding ceremonies. The legal signing of your marriage documents can be looked after by the HSE either before or after your wedding ceremony – visit their information page here. The good news is that there are no restrictions on time and place when planning your wedding – you have the freedom to choose; a beach at sunrise, a romantic hotel at midday, a city street at midnight …

What is the cost?
My fee is €450 – with no unpleasant surprises 🙂 My fee includes travel, consultations, preparation and writing of the ceremony, delivering the ceremony on your wedding day, all expenses and sundries such as candles etc.

Where do we start?
If you are interested and would like to consider making a booking, email sheila@itsyourday.ie or call 086-3745207. We will arrange to meet up so you can tell me your story, your ideas, hopes and plans for your wedding ceremony. This is the starting point which will enable me to create the first draft of your ceremony. This is followed by close consultation with you. Some couples prefer to take a step back, and if that is your choice, I can supply sample readings, vows etc. Either way, but most importantly, it’s your day and I’m here to help make it yours

sheila@itsyourday.ie or call 086-3745207