Ceremony Enhancements

Rites, Rituals and Traditions

There are many beautiful ceremony enhancements to choose from, all of which have their roots in ancient traditions and cultures. Some examples of these include:

Unity Candle – Each lights a single candle as a sign of your single lives up until now.  Then each takes a flame from your own candle and together light the unity candle.  This symbolises the coming together of your lives in marriage, yet like the flame of your own candles, your individual identities have not been diminished.

Sand Ceremony has its roots in ancient American culture. Sand from two separate containers is poured into one glass vessel as a symbol of your two separate lives combining and, like the grains of sand, impossible to separate. 

Handfasting has its origins in ancient Celtic marriage rituals and is where the term ‘tying the knot’ originates.  You can use fabric, cords or ribbons and choose colours which have significance for you both.

These are just a few brief examples – all enhancement ceremonies are created around your own lives and your own story and there are lots to choose from. We can incorporate any tradition which is special to you.

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